1. Meet your Professional Real Estate Advisor. Meet our award winning team by clicking this link.
  2. Determine your purchasing strategy with your advisor.
    1. Financing Options
    2. Cash
    3. 1031 Exchange
    4. Home Equity Line of Credit
    5. Refinance
    6. Seller Financing
    7. etc.
  3. What to Anticipate before moving to or within Hawaii.
    1. Pets
    2. Seasons
    3. Lava Zones
    4. Flood Zones
    5. Schools
    6. Waste Water Treatment
    7. Rain Water Catchment 
  4. Get Pre Approved for a mortgage through local lenders your Real Estate Advisor can recommend if necessary.
  5. Find Your Dream Home! The Best Part!
  6. Review the Purchase Contract, Make An Offer
  7. Upon acceptance, open Escrow at a Local Title Company. Have Earnest Money Deposit Ready.
  8. Maintain Healthy Credit & Online Security.
  9. Shop for a Home Inspector
  10. Anticipate the Cost Of An Appraisal.
  11. Get Insurance Quotes
  12. Get Estimated Closing Settlement Costs.
  13. Strategize the timing of your move.
  14. Transfer any applicable utilities
  15. Fund & Record.