Ashley Gonsalves

Asst. to Broker in Charge

Ashley Gonsalves is born and raised in Sonoma County California, moving to the Big Island In 2011, she was intrigued by the agriculture and opportunity the rural Island offered. After receiving her license in Cosmetology in California, Ashley was ready to experience another way of living at the young age of 21. She moved to an off-grid farm in the heart of South Kona and began learning to live off the land. She began planting gardens, learning of Aquaponics and exploring exotic Fruits she starting a small agriculture business selling local fruits at farmers markets which became her passion for the next five years. She dedicated her time to the land and fell in love with Hawaii. And what she thought was going to just be a vacation turned into her place to call home. The opportunity for plants to grow year-round and to be in warm weather with the ocean always close by, was her new-found passion. Ashley Joined our team in 2017 when she decided to take her passion for Hawaii to another level and begin to share her love with the land in another way, she decided real estate would be a good outlet for help her to assist others in finding their place on the Island. Her experience with rural land and plants makes her excited to work with the sales in that area in the future. She will be working towards receiving her real estate license in 2018 and plans to help in the sales of forever homes and agriculture land in the hopes of helping others find their love for Hawaii.